An Idiot in the Making

a fifteen year-old idiot hailing from the Philippines. he/him

does anyone know any good lgbt ya books??? specifically mlm aicfhishfaf thanks

Hey y'all so guess who's back

Watch me bop my way downstairs whilst singing touch tone telephone

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The Tom Holland/Peter Parker: Urban Samuraiā„¢ AU that no one asked for! Ver. 2

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Ahhh i love this!!!

Anyways Peter Parker is a big spoon while Johnny Storm is the lil one. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

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trans rights are human rights

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I highly recommend donating to @staff 's ko-fi, even if it's alittle bit. I know alot of people do that "waaaahhhh but i have no MonEY!!!11" but like irl $3 is chump change, that's 12 quarters sitting in your sock drawer man. Like it's going to a good cause and will help make this website better, faster,and more efficient.

That's why it's called a "coffee" donation because for the same price as a regular coffee at starbucks you can make a difference in someone's life, and if that isn't enough then guess what!? It benefits you too!

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let's get this bread, my dudes

Okay just tried waterfall dot social on my phone's browser and its really nice aaaa

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im just gonna go ahead and let y'all know that moritz stiefel is bi thank you for coming to my tedtalk

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This is totally true and you should say it